Make Him Pay

Make Him Pay - previously released as Holiday Money, 2012.

  • Release:24/05/2012
  • Catagory:Crime

Jen is planning her wedding to fiancé Dan, a police inspector, but a telephone call from a mystery woman throws everything into chaos.

It seems clear that Dan has been having an affair and she bolts to a hotel where she meets the enigmatic Justin.

He seems to offer her the romance and glamour that straight-laced Dan doesn’t and charms her into bed. But it’s soon a case of ‘be careful what you wish for!'

Justin is not what he seems and the blackmail threats begin. When Jen decides to play Justin at his own game she has to ask herself what she’s prepared to do to keep her secret and who she will become to protect everything she holds dear.

Can you tell predator from prey? Don’t be so sure!

You can buy this book from the Amazon store. It is available as a Paperback, Kindle, or Audio Download.

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