The Lies You Tell

The Lies You Tell - previously released as Telling Stories, 2012.

  • Release:14/02/2012
  • Catagory:Crime

The nostalgic reunion of Liz Jones and her university friends in a Cardiff club is unexpectedly shattered by the mysterious appearance of a girl called Jenny.

When Jenny’s body is found later it becomes clear the friends were probably the last people to see her alive.

By coincidence Liz, a cub reporter, is assigned the story and decides to say nothing about their encounter with the dead woman, or the fact that her friend Mike can’t account for his whereabouts when she went missing.

As she looks back at her heady student days old tensions, jealousies and rivalries start to surface. As Lizzy sets about telling the friend’s stories from her own perspective, with her own media spin, and uncovering the truth about Jenny’s fate, there will be life changing consequences for all.

Think you can trust your old friends? Think again!

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